Unlock your customer’s engagement

Set up the right offer to make room for vibrant customer interaction and multiply your brand awareness. Our state-of-the-art communities, modules, and API allow a customized and easy set-up.

Expert Community

Give your enthusiastic users a voice and a certain place to shine. The Brandslisten Engagement Hub offers a full stack community which is fully adaptable to your brand and marketing priorities. You get lots of top-notch functions, including discussions, magazine, tutorials, personal feed, gamifications and user profiles. And, last but not least: a real-time-monitoring that includes live scoring of everything published.
  • Magazine meets Community

  • Enhanced Expert Profiles

  • Moderator features and permissions for Experts

  • Tutorials

  • Private Messaging

  • Seamless Product Integration

Product Community

Are you a manfacturer or running a shop? In this case a product community is just the right engagement tool for you. Double your lead generation rates, by setting up a product community where customers receive answers to their product-related questions and share their own product experiences. Brandslisten offers a unique technology, where product data bases are directly connected to your community, meaning: every posting can be connected to a certain product and the discussions can be filtered by these products. To give your crowd a better visibility, every discussion can be connected to your shop or product pages as well.

  • Community connected to product database

  • Seamless integration in shops and product pages

  • Pick the related product while publishing a post

  • Let your customers convert activity points into discounts and upgrades

  • Offer product related campaigns like product testing

  • Identify and reward experienced product owners

Service Community

Brandslisten Service Community makes it easy for customers to support each other in direct customer-to-customer discussions, to access relevant knowledge from their peers and get connected to official information and representatives. Every single information can be approved, denied or edited with our powerful community management backend.

  • Raise a service community on your website, in your app or wherever you want.

  • Let your customers support your customer care and reward the most helpful members with visibility, status, or even discounts.

  • Explaining your stuff with step by steps tuturials and build a powerful knowledge base .

  • Use our powerful Moderation Tool for monitoring and 2nd level escalation.

  • Look past the noise and see what’s really relevant about discussions, user satisfaction, and support teams.

  • Create unique experiences. With Single Sign On, integrated product data bases and internal search tools.

Module 1: Votings

Tester communities help to collect authentic customer opinions quickly and effectively: Simply start the application phase, select participants and let them check products and services thoroughly. Create your own active expert community based on product tests that generates additional website traffic with its content and discussions and increases its reach and visibility on social media channels, such as Facebook, Instagram & Co.

Authentic purchase recommendations increase sales for corresponding products reliably. An anonymous user becomes a profiled expert and multiplier of a topic.

  • rapid and sustained awareness of product launches

  • higher credibility of product benefits

  • targeted development of registrations & customer contacts

  • unique product-specific content created by users

  • demonstrably higher product sales for tested products

  • user content ensures more traffic via SEO & social media

brandslisten producttest application phase1

Phase 1: Application

Brandslisten Modules are pretty much the technology out there when it comes to getting reviews for your products. Users simply sign up for a free account and give an application with some informations you asked for.

brandslisten product testerselection phase-2

Phase 2: Tester Selection

You got lots of applications, but... who should test? Stay relaxed, because with Brandslisten you can choose: Take the speediest ones. Or let your users vote. Or pick the most interested ones yourself.

brandslisten producttest review phase-3

Phase 3: The review

Now testers judge the products according to the given criteria. An average test contain 10 images and over 3,500 characters!

brandslisten producttest ready to publish phase-4

Phase 4: Ready to publish

After all reports have been submitted, they can be published anywhere. Questions and comments are still possible.

Module 2: Ratings

Customers not only love to read reviews, they also are passionate about sharing their experiences. By distributing their opinions, engaged customers are positioning themselves as opinion leaders, even among people they don’t know. Search engines also prefer authentic user stories over static corporate content.

It is fact that a customer’s decision to purchase a product is mainly influenced by the reviews they read beforehand. Reviews are much more powerful than conventional content.

brandslisten ratings

Ratings. Wherever you want

Collect more reviews and ratings with Brandslisten rating module. Each module can be easily implemented, even with Google Tag Manager (GTM). Customizable frontends, wordings and functions.

brandslisten distraction free user interfaces

Distraction free user interfaces

Brandslisten engagement elements are designed as overlays and refer to the idea of focused simplicity. Your users benefit from fast, beautiful and intuitive interfaces.

brandslisten galleries

Get awesame picture galleries

A picture says more than 1000 words - this is especially true for valuations. That's why we've made creating picture galleries as convenient and customizable as possible - even for mobile users

brandslisten admin

On site user administration

Your users register directly in our modules, manage their account setting as well as personal subscriptions. Nothing is easier.

Module 3: Comments

Enhance your marketing by adding the experience and personal knowledge of your users. We help turning passive users into active commentators of your products and projects. The benefit of content offering a platform for comments, will signify an improvement on the time spent on websites by 23%, and the number of page impressions by 13%.

Let your customers opinions be heard and let them mingle on your platform. Sharing opinions and counsel not only forms relationships but a positive bond with your brand.

Module 4: Discussions

One answer entails the chance to help thousands of others. Help your customers find the right answers all by themselves. The quicker a counsel seeking person is helped in the comments section and the easier questions can be published, the more satisfied your visitors become. Our software comes with sticky postings, “helpful” marks and sharing opportunities.

Getting to know customers’ opinions through discussions will not only increase your customer care performance, but is a strong indicator on how to improve your brand.


Publishing Tool for Powerful Content.
With Brandslisten Blogs you can easily connect brand content to user generated content – maybe the most trustworth marketing combination ever. Our versatile software extension provides everything your need to publish great marketing stories, visualize informations and get better connected to your audience. Additionally, we include a bunch of helpful features for a perfect teamwork. Best-of-class SEO functionality and statistics for more control and visibiltiy in the opinion market completes the package that comes with Brandsliste Blogs.


database brandslisten api

1. Data based content marketing

What do your customers really interested in? Get a more than 100 data-sources and customer insights for better content-decisions.

video media like a pro

2. Publish like a pro

Pictures, videos, tables, galleries: Our software offers all formats you need to create eye-catching blog posts and magazines.

seo statistics brandslisten api

3. Enhanced SEO

SEO titles, meta descriptions and keywords, plus editable URLs and load-friendly images and videos. Search engines will love your blog.

discussions brandslisten api

4. Comment functionality

Comments can be activated / deactivated for active user participation.

security social media

5. AI based fraud detection

The comments are automatically analyzed via our internal fraud management system and unwanted content is deactivated in real time.

team social media collaboration

6. Ready for big Team

Brandslisten loves collaboration. That's why our software is optimized for the coll external authors, project managers and social media managers is easy.

user permissions

7. Role and rights management

In the backend, it is very easy to set which roles and access rights individual employees have. An author should enter texts, but not publish them? No problem with our software.


8. Approval processes

Simply determine who is allowed to release and publish postings. They will receive a mail as soon as the time is right.

mobile ready

9. Mobile ready

Our blogs are 100% responsive and loaded just as quickly on a smartphone as on a tablet or desktop computer.

Brandslisten Engagement API

Build your own engagement interfaces – it’s really easy: With our API

Your UX-Design

You want to use our technology, but prefer to control all the interfaces and interactions on your websites yourself? This is not a problem at all. You can even do the hosting all by yourself.


A REST API is a powerful and easy-to-use web services interface for interaction with Brandslisten data and interactions. Easy integration and great freedom in development are great advantages that come with it. It is much faster and more efficient than XML and conforms to the same standard used by Facebook or Twitter, for example.


Our REST API speaks JSON, a data format for transferring and storing structured data. Especially for web applications and mobile apps it is used in conjunction with JavaScript, Ajax or WebSockets to connect clients and servers. As soon as you are registered as a customer or partner of Brandslisten, you will receive comprehensive documentation and a fixed contact person for technical support.

Our API. For your epic stuff

User Generated Content

  • Texts, images and videos: Everything can be accessed, displayed and edited via our API.
  • Create from a simple template to a complete community, individual websites, campaigns, widgets or mobile apps.

Customer Data

  • With the API, you can create, retrieve, update, and delete records.
  • Provide real-time sales and support data to enterprise portals and transfer customer data to internal CRM systems.


  • The API lets you create feeds.
  • In addition to feeds, users, groups, and trailers, our API provides programmatic access to files, likes, topics, notifications, and more.


  • The API retrieves data and can access the fire list statistics.
  • This enriches existing statistics tools in particular with all information from the brand list engagement tools.

Meta Data

  • Retrieve author information, data, categories, keywords, likes, shares, page views and many other data resulting from the use of the engagement elements and thus enrich e.g. product data.


  • Our API sends push notifications from the server to any interface.
  • This is especially useful for applications that require continuous queries in order to stay up to date as current discussions, online contacts or highlighting posts.


  • Enrich existing user profiles with data from the engagement elements or use our user profiles to give your customers and brand fans meaningful profiles.


  • Integrate the content of your engagement elements into existing website search and link from there directly into the content or to users.


  • Also possible: Develop your own templates and make them available to all other developers via the brand list developer community.
  • We are happy to put you in touch with them.

Features – Overview of all tools

The most powerful Customer Engagement Technology you can get. With more than 200 functions at your fingertips. And counting.

User Generated ContentHubModuleAPI
Login / Registration
Social Logins
Write a Post
Details Page
Overview Pages
Subscribe (Discussions / Categories / Keywords / Members)
Evaluate (5 Steps / Stars)
Evaluation of Team Replies
Helpful Yes / No
Private Groups
Who is Online?
Team Page
Feed, sortable
Keyword Overview Page
Search details page
Product Test
Pictures / videos
Evaluation / Review
Sticky Post
Cover Image (Home / Theme Worlds)
My Feed
User Profile (public)
Social Profiles
About me
Background Image, editable
Points (editable)
Status (editable)
Search Results (sortable)
Highlighting of Keywords
Core BackendHubModuleAPI
User Information
Image Database
SEO Schemes
Multi Language Settings
Platform Settings
Workflowtool (Admin Panel)HubModuleAPI
Service & Data ProtectionHubModuleAPI
SaaS Infrastructure
Hosted in Germany
Built and Designed in Germany
Over 99,5% Availability
Ongoing Security Updates
Regular PEN_tests
Automated Tests and Server-Monitoring
Personal Contact
Functions customizable
Interfaces customizable
Fonts & Colours adjustable
Single Sign On

Latest Cases

E.ON Service Community

As Germany’s largest energy supplier, E.ON has shifted its focus to sustainable energy and outstanding customer service. The aim is to process all enquiries as quickly and as individually as possible.

E.ON can be reached via telephone, Facebook, live chat and since 2015 also via its service community. On “frag-eon.de”(“ask E.ON”), customers are able to find all information about technologies, products, contracts and rates – either via the provider’s official FAQs, or in direct exchange with experts, service staff or other customers. So it’s no surprise that 90 percent of all customers give the company positive ratings.

Babyone Special Interest Community

A new baby is expected in your family? BabyOne is the established place to go to buy all the necessary equipment that is needed in the first months right up to toddler age. Babyone is a medium-sized family business with over 1,000 employees, 27 franchisees, and around 100 stores all across Germany and Austria.

For Babyone, we have started the first real special interest community of a retail chain that has been set up here in Germany. In the online-shop and the community engagement elements are combined perfectly: users are able to rate products in the shop or, vice versa, discuss product ratings in the community. Everything works seamlessly, regardless where the customer is interacting. A magazine, product tests, tutorials and an extensive FAQ-section are complementing the community.

Unitymedia Service Community

Unitymedia, headquartered in Cologne, is the leading cable network operator in Germany and a subsidiary of Liberty Global. The company reaches 13.0 million households in North Rhine-Westphalia, Hesse and Baden-Württemberg with its broadband cable services.

Since 2014, Brandslisten is serving one of the most active brand communities in Germany for Unitymedia. Thanks to the Unitymedia service team and the collaboration with customer based moderators, every user is able to get the best possible help within minutes.