How to build your brand community in 6 steps

As we already found out in the previous article, building a strong and loyal community has various benefits for a brand and can simplify various processes within different business departments such as marketing, sales and customer support. So every business should practically aspire to provide maximum value to their fans and audiences and engage themread more

Dissolving the myth: Facebook groups are not brand communities

Once it was found out, what value brand communities can contribute to the brand development and success, “community” became a big buzzword in the digital marketing world. Not too long time ago social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and many others took over the online space for people to interact, share their knowledge,read more

AOK Community is “powered by Brandslisten”

Brandslisten provides the technology for a very special community: Experts of AOK Baden-Württemberg are available on AOK Gesundnah to offer help with knowledge and tips. However, as befits a community, anyone can get directly involved with questions, feedback and answers to ongoing discussions. Subscribers will receive an e-mail as soon as there is any more

Why communities are the best fuel to drive customer centered marketing

The digital  sphere requires new processes of corporate communication, technologies and, of course, marketing. Today, companies have a range of opportunities to establish innovative, customer centered marketing strategies. One of the most valuable options are customer communities. Why should communities be part of the business strategy? According to, 86 percent of 500 Fortune companiesread more